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خالد يسلم


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Music, is the kisses that I can’t give it to your soft cheeks..

It is the fingertips that can’t play with your hair..

It is the whispers that I can’t say next to your ears..

It is the eyes that cannot stare..

It is the words that I can’t write or tell..

It is the feelings that I’m carrying inside my soul..

It is everything, and nothing at all..

written by : Khaled Yeslam
translated by : Nora Doaiji


He took off his glasses. Nervously, he starts to wipe the lenses..

He didn’t realize, it was just tears on his eyes..

New York
3:16 am


The river of my words..
Were robbed by my thoughts..
Once we sat..
It was fun..
It was sad..
Upon the smiles..that I couldn’t understand..