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خالد يسلم


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Hi Khaled—

You may not check into spots that don’t accurately reflect your real, physical location, regardless of what the app allows you to do. Deliberately checking into spot where you are not violates our Acceptable Use policy.

We’ve reopened your account but have put it in private mode due to the high volume of false check-ins. Because of this, your activity will not show up on spot pages and your name will not show on leaderboards.

Please know that if your previous behavior continues, we’ll need to permanently close this account.

Team Gowalla


On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 4:19 AM, Khaled Yeslam wrote:
my account has been suspended , though I was using your official apps on iPhone and Blackberry !

I took advantage of bugs in ur virsion but didn’t use any other apps !!

I “only” used the official apps !

If there any advice I’ll be more than glad to learn..
Kind regards

Khaled Yeslam

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